You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.. or Sometimes on eBay You Get a Crazy Buyer Part III

You really can't make this stuff up.  My buyer from a year ago, that I blocked is STILL trying to get me to unblock her.  Here are the messages I received today.


I do remember now that I bought some Yamazaki Hafnia, NOT Hafina. It's entirely possible that I didn't inspect it as it was listed as new. In fact , it was an entirely different but similar pattern! & it was something Replacements was not purchasing.I get a a fair share of misidentified flatware , as well as disposal damage , etc. I do remember that I decided not to send the flatware back to you . Likely I was very busy & had already incurred the "return fee" of $15 , so I let it go. I have lots of patterns of flatware as I have been selling it for many years. This pattern is in a reject box at this time, but I am unable to locate it easily. My recollection is that it is not a pattern in demand by Replacements. I hope you can see that we both erred here. Your misidentification & my subsequent failure to notice the error resulted in a monetary loss. I buy in volume & do not know the date or amount of the transaction. I assume that you can provide that, so ******please give me that info.( possibly but doubtful at this time it is saleable) . I let this be a lesson for me , but as you know , we all make mistakes & buying from a photo can be challenging . I I look at 100's of listings daily & didn't catch your error .I suppose I could have exercised an option to "open a case" based on misrepresentation , but sick & tired of eBay problems ,& it was an honest mistake . As for the delay of several weeks in reporting the error to you, here's my explanation . I likely was waiting until I had a full box of flatware before shipping. I bear that expense.
I hope you can look at this from a different perspective.Pls. advise if you're willing to "unblock me " . I'd like to buy another lot of xxxx  if & when it is available & put this behind us . I'm as hardworking as you likely are &
a handicap has made it increasingly more difficult to get out & shop for merchandise. I've resorted to eBay with all it's risks. Pleasereply

I responded with, I am sorry I think it is best that we do not trade with each other.  You keep stating over and over that I sent you the wrong item.  I sent you what was pictured. I also said I would be happy to refund your money once the item was sent back.


She sends me:


Just let it go & forget about it . I am of course not really expecting $15 now , nor was I actually expecting it then either , just stating the facts . Can you not understand my frustration? You misidentified the pattern after all . I do not remember the exact circumstances, but this may have come after a string of eBay problems. We all make mistakes , & it's your responsibility to list patterns correctly if you want to get nit picky, which I do not . How about you forget the whole past transaction? I won't hold my $$ loss against you …. You can sell to me knowing I am a responsible , quick paying steady buyer.

I don't respond… and I get another..


I know you have a life , as do I . Since you looked into this , please get back to me . The supposed Hafnia ( actually not Hafnia) transaction, is fresh in my memory . Just another eBay problem .I imagine the transaction # you gave me was old & did not come up with any results….. You may gave given me the wrong# . I"ll have to look back at jan. 2013. Please reply regarding unblocking as I did nothing wrong but advise you of an error. The error was in your listing the pattern incorrectly. I would be happy to buy the XXXX  flatware if more is available at any time .

I don't respond… and get another...

The fact is I don't want to argue over this. What about dropping the whole thing like I said. The return fee was not your problem, you are correct , but your inaccurate listing caused an issue . I am still expecting a reply from you that goes somewhere & resolves your differences with me . I am willing to trade with you /you might do the same. I do appreciate your willingness in the past to take this flatware back . I did thank you for that , & chose another route. Positive feedback was left & no case against you was opened, though I had the opportunity within 45 days of my purchase. . Let's just let it go. I feel like we are going in circles in here & this is a waste of time and energy . You have a willing customer, a steady buyer who wants to make a purchase now with a fresh start . I forgive your error

Oh my goodness!  I think "My Sassy Gay Friend" said it best..


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