You never Know Who You’ll Run into at McDonald’s

I’m not a big rap fan.. well, I like old rap more than the new stuff.  (All

information you are dieing to know.. right?) This spring

I was going through the drive thru at McDonald’s in Olathe, KS.. (to get a large

iced tea with 3 splenda) and saw the TechN9ne (or Tech Nine for those of us

that are older than say 30) van.

Apparently Krizz Kaliko and TechN9ne were sharing a Big Mac or something.

They both were in the same McDonalds.

techn9ne, tech 9, technine, celebrity sighting

Does this make me cool?


I didn’t think so..

I also saw Boys Like Girls in the Westport Flea Market Check it out HERE.

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