Springs On the Way!

It’s been a cold snowy winter here in Kansas, but today it  was 54 degrees (#1 even went out and dug a new garden for me.. she’s cool like that).   I had a blog all planned out about Etsy stuff.. when I looked through a photo album titled “SPRING” and saw these photos I took last year.

These are my butterfly bushes, that I THINK I planted too close to the house.

I didn’t realize they would get SO large and in the next year they

might overtake the area they are in!.

When I bought them I purchased this fuchsia colored one..

and this dark purple one.  I was thinking about buying a few more

to put closer to the driveway.  I checked out eBay and they have 149

butterfly bushes up for sale.  Have you ever bought plants on eBay?

(send me a note or comment..I’d like to know your experience)

Now that I think about it.. it would be just like buying plants through

a mail order catalog..right?   Happy Spring!

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