52 Lists Project: Week 1 Goals & Dreams for the Year


Week 1 Goals and Dreams for the Year

  1. Recover from all of the unhappiness I experienced in 2016.
  2. Grow my eBay business
  3. Grow my consulting business
  4. Build my website
  5. Get my inventory straight
  6. Successfully get #3 and 3.5 graduated from high school
  7. Find a new church
  8. Re-build my friendships that I feel like I didn’t give much attention to in 2016
  9. Finish my basement
  10.  Carve out time to needlepoint
  11. Plan my garden early this year and make it fabulous
  12. Get ahead of the laundry
  13. Get back on my schedule where I bake for my family
  14. Move #6 upstairs and out of The Man and I’s bedroom
  15. Plan a family vacation

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