A Little Trip To Nell Hill’s

While up in North Kansas City I took a trip to Nell Hill’s.  If you’ve never

been there.. you should go.  The place is fabulous!

The prices are pretty good too.  There is something for everyone.

While we were there we even saw Mary Carol Garrity.. (she’s the

owner and founder).  I wish I would have taken pictures… We were sitting

on a fabulous couch.. and she stopped to ask if we thought it was comfortable,

#1 and I said “yes”.. P*Tricky said; “It’s OK.”

I love this table and chairs.. except it’s not big enough to fit the

family… What I really need is 2 long benches for either side of my

table.  We have 3 chairs on each side and 2 chairs at the head of the

table.  With the 3 chairs next to each other the kids do not have

much room to move around.

I love how they use vines and leaves.. in the decorating.

I need this greenhouse.. Not to trap a ginger in.. but it would look nice

out back!

#3 wanted this quilt.  I wanted that plate rack!

The whole upstairs is full of stuff for the bedroom.. beautiful!

I love this iron canopy bed!

P*tricky likes the chair.. and so do I.

I love that wicker sphere thing…

Nell Hills has a couple of locations.  The one I visited was at Briarcliff Village.

Nell Hills

4101 N. Mulberry Drive, Kansas City, MO 64116

(816) 746-4320

Check out Nell Hill’s online HERE.

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