Christmas Before and After Part 2

Part 2 of Christmas Before and After…

The hutch in my dining room before…


polka dot pigs, christmas tree, pig wall paper

And after again..

pigs, pig wall, cute kitchen stuff, pig plates, salt and pepper shaker

Here's a before of my buffet table. I bought this table at an auction

for $50.00. I loved the top, it's stainless steel.. and the insides of the

drawers are lined with stainless steel. Pretty cool huh?

starbucks, christmas, starbucks ornaments, red and white

Here's my after… I bought all the wood trees from Starbucks

three or so years ago. The paper cone trees are from Starbucks

5 years ago.

My dining room.. before.. ignore my "not framed" french doors.

This is a work in progress..

starbucks ornaments, starbucks trees, cone trees, red and white, christmas

Dining room after.

These red and white cone trees came from Starbucks. I've seen

them from time to time on eBay.

starbucks, christmas, ornament

After …

After.. window decoration…

Kitchen Christmas Tree

My kitchen tree.. with glittery fruit.

I forgot to included this one from yesterday.. This is in my entry way.. On

my banister I have all the different stockings that we have had since 1994.

I've made 4 sets of different stockings over the years, and when

I have a new baby I can't find the matching fabric.. so I make new ones.

Which will be happening NEXT year.. 🙂

A Little Trip To Nell Hill’s

While up in North Kansas City I took a trip to Nell Hill’s.  If you’ve never

been there.. you should go.  The place is fabulous!

The prices are pretty good too.  There is something for everyone.

While we were there we even saw Mary Carol Garrity.. (she’s the

owner and founder).  I wish I would have taken pictures… We were sitting

on a fabulous couch.. and she stopped to ask if we thought it was comfortable,

#1 and I said “yes”.. P*Tricky said; “It’s OK.”

I love this table and chairs.. except it’s not big enough to fit the

family… What I really need is 2 long benches for either side of my

table.  We have 3 chairs on each side and 2 chairs at the head of the

table.  With the 3 chairs next to each other the kids do not have

much room to move around.

I love how they use vines and leaves.. in the decorating.

I need this greenhouse.. Not to trap a ginger in.. but it would look nice

out back!

#3 wanted this quilt.  I wanted that plate rack!

The whole upstairs is full of stuff for the bedroom.. beautiful!

I love this iron canopy bed!

P*tricky likes the chair.. and so do I.

I love that wicker sphere thing…

Nell Hills has a couple of locations.  The one I visited was at Briarcliff Village.

Nell Hills

4101 N. Mulberry Drive, Kansas City, MO 64116

(816) 746-4320

Check out Nell Hill’s online HERE.

A look inside Ward & June Cleavers House 2009

My mother-in-law not only has cute, hunk-a-hunk o’ burnin’ love children (see The Man below)

But she also has incredible style. We were at her house this last weekend, and being the freak show I am.. I snapped a couple of photos. You see my mother-in-law has fabulous style. I love to go to her house and see what she’s added moved or changed. I’ve blogged about her house HERE and HERE before.

When I first met her, she had cows. She’s has put 90% of her cows in decorating time out, and only has a few up right now. I’m going to showcase those today.

I think this cow is so cool. I collect pigs.. and I would love to have him in pig form.

Do you remember Elsie and Elmer the spokes cows for Borden milk?

They used to have all kinds of Elise and Elmer items. I wonder if those are in decorating time out,

or if they didn’t make it through the Great Auction of 2007. My mother in law is like that. She will collect things

then just say, “It’s time to get rid of it” and sell it. (this is a skill I do not have)

See the cows on the brown transferware plate?

That guy doesn’t look anything like my father in law…

This doesn’t much look like my mother n law.. but a nice old print just the same.