A Rant about Walmart & Customer Service

Friday I went to our local Wal-mart to buy a few things.. mostly a brisket to make THIS.  My trip was uneventful.. I bought some groceries… and what I thought were 3 short sleeve T-shirts for myself.  The T-shirts were all stacked on the same little kiosk thing in the same place.  What I didn’t know until I got home was I mistakenly bought 2 tank tops and 1 T-shirt.  If you’ve ever seen my arms you’d know I am not Michelle Obama. 😉  So I put them back in the sack to return them.

Here is my Walmart receipt… Do you see anything wrong with it?

This part is missing…

Remember how I said my trip was uneventful?  Apparently I was wrong.  It was my cashier’s first day.  She mistakenly ripped my receipt..  So today when I went to return the shirts… my torn receipt became a “not valid” receipt.

I explain to the people in customer service that I have a receipt.. they tell me it’s not valid.  I point at the receipt and say.. “Look here are the 2 tank tops!”  I get the “I’m sorry it’s not valid.”  Then she explains to me she can give me a gift card.  Over and over in my head I’m thinking I have a receipt.  I finally get a “customer service manager” to explain to me that I am missing  apart of the receipt. (why the 1st chick didn’t do that I have no idea)

I told CSM what happened on Friday.  She tells me that they don’t know if I bought those tank tops in the last 90 days or not (even though I just said I bought them Friday).  I remind her that this is Kansas.. and we’ve had 22 inches of snow this last 90 days alone.. and perhaps Wal-mart in KANSAS doesn’t sell tank tops year round.   While we were discussing Kansas and year round tank tops, I dug through my purse and found the torn end… they gave me my WHOLE $12.00 back.. and I left ticked off.

In case you wondered… Here’s Wal-Mart’s Return Policy

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