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Dear eBay Queen: I Don’t Want to Accept Returns!

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve sold off and on for a few years.  This year, because I needed a bit more money, I sold through the Christmas Holiday Season.  My goodness – it’s like the crazy people have come out of the wood work!

Do you think people are more difficult in January than they are the rest of the year?  I sold products this year from March to December.  Do you know how many questions I received in that time period? I had four, and one return. I have -0- items listed in January and I wake up every morning with a problem or two!

The two issues I have that are making me nuts right now are:

  • Buyer says that they did not receive their package. When I check the tracking they HAVE received it.  What should I do?
  • The buyer lives in Canada and says the item that they received is not “pink enough”. What does that mean?  I have it listed that I do not accept returns on international orders.  Am I going to have to accept the return?  They opened the return request stating that the item was not described and then in the spot where you can leave message it says “You say this item is pink, but it is not pink enough.”

I also have two people that want to return the item because it doesn’t fit. I want to yell “I DON’T ACCEPT RETURNS!”  Do you think that people are figuring out that they overspent for Christmas? And now they need their money back?




Dear Monica:

I know I have more issues in January than I do any other time of year.  They actually have a term for this called “Blue January”.  Every third Monday in January is now considered Blue Monday.  It’s the day most people start getting their credit card bills from all that overspending they did in December.  I like to think of it as Regretful January instead of Blue January.

I completely understand saying you do not accept returns.  The issue with that is that eBay doesn’t care.  They will force you to accept them, so you might as well accept them on your terms with a smile on your face.  Here’s how I would handle those issues you have mentioned above:

  • I am assuming the buyer opened an item not received case. Make sure you go to the case and put your tracking information into the case.  Then at the top of the page, click on “help and contact” follow the instructions and you’ll be given a phone number to contact eBay.  The eBay Customer Service Rep should close the case because it shows the item arrived.
  • While you have eBay on the phone, I would ask them to look at this case also. While you will have to accept the return, the buyer opened the case stating it was described correctly, when they didn’t like the color.  By asking eBay to step in with this, the buyer will have to pay for the return shipping

If you are going to sell on eBay I think it would be a good idea for you to re-think your return policy.


Dear eBay Queen:

I sold a bracelet, and shipped it out within 24 hours.  The buyer gave me a negative feedback for slow shipping time.  The item was purchased on the 2nd, I shipped it on the 3rd and they received it on the 5th.  Is that really show shipping time?

Is there anything I can do about the negative?



Dear Katie:

I would call customer support and ask if this qualifies for removal.  I have seen them remove feedback like this before, and since you followed the rules and the shipping provider backed you up, it should be removed.

Good Luck!


Strange eBay item of the Week: Item #152330968599. This is an unusual piece. If you were a fan of D&D and happen to have one of these lying around, it could be worth some money! TSR Dungeons and Dragons Solid Brass or Solid Bronze Belt Buckle Very Rare SOLD: $600.00.


A Case is Closed on eBay and AGAIN Opened on PayPal

Sometimes I feel like a buyer maybe trying to get something free.  It doesn’t happen very often.  Maybe once every 200 items.

This week I received a message from a buyer saying their item smelled and had deodorant on it.  I apologized, and told them I would be happy to refund once the item was sent back.


Read from the bottom up.

I sent this message:

Hi, I’m so sorry I don’t give partial refunds. I do give full refunds for an item that is returned in the condition sent with the tags attached. If it is hot and the bag that the item is shipped in sits in the heat/sun the bag makes a funny chemical smell. Once again I am so sorry the item is not what you expected.


I contacted eBay customer support and they recommended that I ask her to open a return request.


She opened the request, and  I called eBay.


eBay closed the request because the buyer had altered the item by washing it and removing the tags.  Guess what she did?  She opened a PayPal claim.


Now I’m waiting for PayPal to handle the claim.  How do you think it will end?

Dear eBay Queen: Should I Hire Someone to Help Me eBay?

Dear eBay Queen:

I have been selling consignment items on eBay for the last 5 years.  I live in an area that the population is 67,000 and median income is $43,000.  I do not require minimum values for the items that I sell because I believe that some commission is better than none, but that could change if the business expands.

It is time for me to expand my business and have “helpers”. Right now, I do all of the listings, photos, etc and my husband does the shipping at nights after he works his full time job.  I am not getting things listed as fast as I can just due to the number of items that I have to list.  I have one customer who brings me between 100 and 150 antique items every week.

Anyway, my question is about adding helpers.  I live in a college town and have read that students are good prospects for what I am looking for.  I don’t really want to have employees, just don’t want to deal with that right now.  So how do I go about and do this?

Pay on commission or flat rate per item?
Do helpers do everything (list, photo, ship)?
Do I approve everything before it gets listed?
Anything else, I have forgotten?

A couple things you should know:  I’m a control freak!  I have over 14,000 in feedback and am a top rated seller with 100% rating.  Because I am a consignment shop, I list with Auctiva, to keep track of all of the different consignors that I have.  Did I say I was a control freak? – I am concerned about losing my ratings if I give someone permission to list under my eBay id.

Anyway, if you could help me with some of the questions I have – or suggest anyone that you know of that could maybe help me, I would really appreciate it.

Deb Peterson


Dear Deb:

Congratulations on your fantastic feedback numbers and ratings! I know firsthand that is hard to maintain those numbers. I also know how hard it is to sell for others; I’m impressed with your success!

I wonder if you put an ad up at your local college and said you were looking for a paid intern you can train, or if they already were familiar with selling on eBay, a contractor. If they help you with listing, I would probably pay them per item, and check each of their listings until you feel confident in their work. If they are taking pictures or shipping, I might just pay them by the hour.

I would be uncomfortable giving out any of my login information. I think it might be a safer idea if you supplied the computer in your work space for them to work. Is there some aspect of eBaying that you don’t like to do? I’m not crazy about shipping or photographing things. I have people help me with that, but if you really need help listing, then I think working side by side with them on listing items might be the best answer.


Dear eBay Queen;

I sold a really cute Express top that was new with tags. I received a return request saying the item didn’t fit. I approved the request, and the item was sent back. The only problem is that it does not have the correct tag attached. It’s a totally different tag. What should I do?


Dear Cinder:

I would contact eBay immediately. I think I would mention in the return request that the item came back, but the tag that is attached, is not for the item you sent. Could she have possibly bought 2 and mixed up the item? I would also go look at her buying history at If she has purchased the same shirt from another seller, I would make sure that eBay knows this.

I hope your buyer is honest and tells you what happened with your tags/or item. I hope it’s a small mix up and can be easily remedied.


Strange eBay item of the Week: Item #:291521358831. Felting offers a unique way to “sculpt” wool fibers into a strongly woven fabric. I love this adorable purse! Handmade Felted Purse Shoulder large Bag Merino Wool Strawberry Red Green White SOLD: $93.27.

A Rant about Walmart & Customer Service

Friday I went to our local Wal-mart to buy a few things.. mostly a brisket to make THIS.  My trip was uneventful.. I bought some groceries… and what I thought were 3 short sleeve T-shirts for myself.  The T-shirts were all stacked on the same little kiosk thing in the same place.  What I didn’t know until I got home was I mistakenly bought 2 tank tops and 1 T-shirt.  If you’ve ever seen my arms you’d know I am not Michelle Obama. 😉  So I put them back in the sack to return them.

Here is my Walmart receipt… Do you see anything wrong with it?

This part is missing…

Remember how I said my trip was uneventful?  Apparently I was wrong.  It was my cashier’s first day.  She mistakenly ripped my receipt..  So today when I went to return the shirts… my torn receipt became a “not valid” receipt.

I explain to the people in customer service that I have a receipt.. they tell me it’s not valid.  I point at the receipt and say.. “Look here are the 2 tank tops!”  I get the “I’m sorry it’s not valid.”  Then she explains to me she can give me a gift card.  Over and over in my head I’m thinking I have a receipt.  I finally get a “customer service manager” to explain to me that I am missing  apart of the receipt. (why the 1st chick didn’t do that I have no idea)

I told CSM what happened on Friday.  She tells me that they don’t know if I bought those tank tops in the last 90 days or not (even though I just said I bought them Friday).  I remind her that this is Kansas.. and we’ve had 22 inches of snow this last 90 days alone.. and perhaps Wal-mart in KANSAS doesn’t sell tank tops year round.   While we were discussing Kansas and year round tank tops, I dug through my purse and found the torn end… they gave me my WHOLE $12.00 back.. and I left ticked off.

In case you wondered… Here’s Wal-Mart’s Return Policy

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