Being Judgemental at a Forensics Tournament

This is my 5th year judging the forensics tournament at Ottawa High School.  I really love doing it.

The Commons area at the school.

Here's my Schedule for the day:

Round 1:  Prose

Prose expresses though through language recorded in sentences and paragraphs.  Prose includes fiction (short stories, novels etc) and non fiction (articles, essays, journals, biographies)

Round 2: SSA (Serious Solo Acting)

Serious Solo selections must be memorized and given without notes.  Serious Solos should be interpreted as an acting event where the entire stage area may be used. 

Round 3: Poetry

Poetry is writing which expresses ideas, experience or emotion through the creative arrangement of words according to their sound their rhythm and their meaning.

Lunch Break

Finals: Informative Speech

The speech must provide a learning experience for the listener by instructing or giving information in an interesting manner.  The speech must not be more than seven minutes in length, must be memorized and recited without notes.

This is not Mrs. Soph… but this kid (whom I love) asks me to judge and I always say yes.  Who could deny that punim?

Forensics bags? Quite fancy

Prose pieces I heard today:

  • Hate List a book by my friend Jennifer Brown
  • Dad
  • George Carlin's Guide to Dining Out
  • How to be a Suffragette
  • Sacrifice (was kind of strange)
  • The Giving Tree
  • Betty Ann

Sharp dressed men.

Serious Solo Acting Pieces I heard:

  • I Never Knew.
  • Multiple Personality Murder
  • Please Stop Laughing
  • Ice Cream for Dinner
  • Sorry
  • Clear Glass Marbles



Judges Lounge

Poetry Pieces I Heard:

  • The Smell of Oranges
  • The People You'll Meet on Mullberry Street
  • Jack and the Bean Stalk
  • Untitled
  • Stop Pretending
  • Dog that Glows

Hello.. cute girl in a vintage outfit..

Informative Speeches

  • A Colored Mind
  • The Jewel of the Adreatic
  • Long May She Wave
  • Essential Tremor
  • Chocolate
  • Evolution of the Sandwich
  • Date Night
  • Tech and Tunes

See those those 2 on the end.. they just came to listen…

My Timer… He's pretty awesome at keeping time.  Plus fun to chat with during our downtime.

Cutie Patooties…

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