Pretty in Pink.. isn’t she?


#3 and her date.

wpid-wp-1429535919289.jpegThis year #3’s dress was made by Jessica Mc Clintock.

wpid-wp-1429535935358.jpegSome super sparkly Betsy Johnson peep toe pumps.

wpid-wp-1429535862241.jpegHer jewelry came from Versona.

wpid-wp-1429535847836.jpegHere’s a close up of her bracelets.. check out that beautiful orchid in her corsage. If you are ever in Ottawa Kansas, and need flowers, come check out Turner Flowers.


wpid-wp-1429535829287.jpegThe Princess and her secret service.

In Ottawa Kansas, it’s a pretty big deal how you arrive at prom walk in.  We had several ideas of how they were going to arrive for prom.. but they fell through.. So this year we thought having a secret service security detail was the way to go, and #2, #4 and #5 thought it would be a good idea too.

wpid-wp-1429535812740.jpegHere comes #3 with her security detail.. running beside the car.

wpid-wp-1429535740376.jpegHere they come…

That guy in the brown, is the principal of OHS, Dr Cobbs.  When the car stopped next to him, he went up to say “Hi”.. and #5 put his hands up and said; “Please step away from the car sir.”  #5 takes his job very seriously.

wpid-wp-1429535798401.jpeg#4 waiting to let his princess out.


wpid-wp-1429535760713.jpegGood Looking boys.

Prom 2013

There are so many benefits to homeschooling… but missing prom is probably not one of them.  I was super happy when #2 was asked to go to prom with one of his best friends.  Here's their day…




#6 is helping in brother put his black Converse on


He thought he was going too..


Group of friends


He's not heavy he's my best friend.

Here in Ottawa Kansas they have a little prom tradition called prom walk in.  There's a red carpet.. the whole town shows up to watch..  it's pretty cool. 


#6 and 3.5 waiting for #2 to get there.


Many try to find the coolest ride to roll into prom walk in. 


We like to think #3 had the coolest ride.  His uncle owns a repo company… and he let him borrow his truck and car.


The boys rode in front, and the girls rode in the car.. on the hook.


This kid was so happy to drive this cool truck with the lights on…


The boys let the car down.. and got their dates.

** they only drove like this in the parking lot**



#2 and his best friend!