Best You Day 36

What did I do today? Church, potluck after… fixed pictures, played games with the kids, made some delicious meatball sandwiches… Watched the ABC show with Jaycee Dugard. (amazing)

What did I feel today? TIRED… and content

What do I feel grateful for today? My friends at church

What challenged me? getting up.. I was tired!

How did I overcome that challenge? Got up.. because well I needed too 🙂

What did I savor today? We had my birthday cake today, while I was standing there on the one side of the bar with the CAKE ALL A BLAZE.. I looked at all these people (my family) singing and smiling at me..(on the other side of the bar).. and it was like time stopped. How blessed could one person be with all those people singing to me with love in their eyes?

How about you? What are your answers? Here is why I'm doing this.

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