Monday’s To Do..

Sometimes I like to give people a glimpse of my life. The best way I know to do that, is to let you see what goes on in my car. That's #1 giving #2 a look… while #2 is looking after his brother #6. In the way back there is #4 looking like the Joker from Batman.. #3 is bent down.. and you can only see her yellow shoulder. #5 is moving so fast his face is a blur.

Monday's To Do..

  • work in the school room
  • make the boys clean their room
  • wii fit
  • dinner= I'm not sure yet.. something with chicken or pork chops
  • Make grocery list Mexican Dinner fundraiser on Sunday
  • Get meeting together for Mission Trip Leaders
  • 3 ring binder for all my mission trip stuff
  • Figure out what I need for VBS crafts
  • order ATM card
  • bank
  • work on eBay junk
  • 30 minutes in the basement
  • write article
  • get my calendar up

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