Daily To Do List February 3rd Edition

Day 6 of my daily to-do list.  My list is fascinating.. isn’t 😉

  • Wii Fit 30 minutes HA.. I did 42 minutes.. and today.. my wii fit age was my age!
  • Get my food and GS blog in order
  • Write my Ask the eBay Queen Blog
  • Answer eBay emails
  • I lost all my blogs for January 11-17th Get those back up…
  • Clean my MESSY HOUSE
  • Figure out what to do now that OS Commerce is installed. (put off until Thursday)
  • Make a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake for #4 (on the list until Friday)
  • Write up 10 eBay things.
  • Plan Youth Group We will be talking about Temptation…
  • Write Article/send it in
  • UpDate eBay Article Blog
  • Find #3’s Solo Dance costume.. something with a Cat in the Hat theme.
  • GCF eBay Fundraiser
  • Make Chicken and Rice to take to Pot Luck
  • School the monkeys
  • Potluck, and Youth Group
  • Check up on the chore list
  • grade papers

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