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Thursday 3-26-2020 Quarantine Day 4

Since I am mostly working from home.. I’m not even sure what is going on.


Thursday’s  To Do

  • School
  • Write up and list eBay and Amazon
  • Dinner Smoked Brisket, Smashed potatoes, green beans
  • I’ve got 2 family birthday’s coming up.  I’m not sure how I am going to buy presents and celebrate.
  • Inventory the freezer
  • Clean out car
  • Laundry
  • Pick up and sweep off the porch
  • clean up the yard
  • Post Office
  • Figure out where to set up “puzzle club” or “scrabble club”
  • List one tote of stuff.
  • Load car to take back to consultant job

Saturday’s To Do

This kid has a hard life.

Saturday's To Do..

  • Take #3 to dance
  • breakfast with Belinda
  • Work on eBay Junk
  • Dinner= Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes gravy, green beans, rolls
  • School plans
  • cut the boys hair

Wednesday’s To Do List

On a wall in Joplin Missouri…

Wednesday To Do..

  • Youth Group Plans
  • Mission Trip Copies
  • Library
  • Wii Fit
  • Dinner = something out
  • work on eBay junk
  • Mission Trip Meeting

Tuesday’s To Do..

  • Wrap presents
  • make Dr appointment
  • clean my messy home
  • Make Cookie dough
  • Write article.. (because it's due.. and I haven't done)
  • Send out Christmas cards ..
  • pick up photos that Walgreen's messed up AGAIN..
  • Maybe.. go to the grocery store..
  • Dinner= Chicken noodle casserole.. (because we didn't have it last night 🙂
  • Work on listings (if I have time)
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