First Looks…

Last Friday I lost my mind.. and took these kids to the NICU to wait while I fed their baby brother #6.

I had a plan. #4 and #5 would sit in the waiting room of the NICU for an hour… watch TV and play on the laptop. Their older siblings would alternate watching them.. and then after the hour they could go downstairs and eat in the hospital cafeteria. If they were good, we would go to Target and they could spend their gift cards. It's a recipe for disaster… but I had faith it would work out. After all it had the right elements for success… TV and food.

**for those of you that have never been to a NICU.. children under 12 can not visit their siblings between November and March. Which means #4 and #5 have not seen their baby brother.

When #6's nurse heard that the boys were out in the lobby.. she arranged for them to see him. This made #4's month. He had been so upset that he couldn't see his baby brother.

#4 seeing his little brother for the first time..

#5 and #4… checking out their brother

I was pretty worried about #5. He's never thought #6 was a very good idea…

Thank you to #6's nurse that broke a few rules to make two little boys and their mother happy.

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