Happy Birthday #6

Just because we can, and because we are living proof God is Good and because well.. we like to show the doctors and the NICU nurses that they were wrong about #6.  (They said that he would have a hard time growing)

qandz6#4 and #6 the day he came home


zachcarson#4 and #6 when he was one.

bbzcarson3At 2 years


And Now…

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Look at those old parents with that young baby….

Here's a couple of other posts about that #6 kid…

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One Year Ago….

One year ago today The Man and I came home with #6.  His birth was not like any of our other kids.  He was 8 weeks early and weighed a little over 4lbs.  If you've never had a child in the NICU, you probably don't realize you have to be "tested" to see if you know how to take care of your baby before you bring it home.  I wrote about that HERE.


The day they cut this band.. I wanted to cry.. I wanted to scream and do a jig.  (I didn't because I thought they'd keep me there if I did.)

Here's #4 and #6 the day he came home. 

You should know that #4 isn't bank robber, he just had a cold that day.

Here they are today..

He was 4lbs 3 ounces and 16" long when he was born.  He's 22lbs and 31" long one year later.  He went from wearing preemie clothes to wearing 18 month clothes.  How blessed are we?

Pretty blessed.

Happy 5 Months Baby!

This little muffin is 5 months old today. He has to be one of the best children I've ever given birth too (don't tell the others). At 5 months he talks or coo's non-stop. He loves green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas and apples. He loves to smile and to be "strolled" around the house by one of his siblings.

He's come a long way from when he was just a few days old here in the NICU. Just a little 4 pounder! Happy 5 month Birthday #6!

A Second Look.. at a First Look..

I wrote about #4 and #5 seeing their little brother for the first time HERE I realized today that I only showed the photos from my side.. and not the photos from their side.. and I know you want to see both sides of the story.. right?

Here is #4 and #5 waiting at the window between the Hospital and the NICU. I told them it would be about 15 minutes before we were ready to bring #6 around… but they waited the whole time…

See.. they really did wait..

Then the most wonderful nurse ever… brought #6 around so they could see him. While we are on the subject of nurses.. I just loved this one. I think it might be her southern accent that made me feel comforted.. or maybe there was a little something about her that reminded me of my mother. Whatever the reason she deserves something special in my book.

Nice cowlick #5!

Here's what I saw from my side of the glass… some pretty happy boys.