Happy Birthday… Or Something

December 22 at 11:11PM my oldest son turned 15 year old. Don't

judge his mother by the lame tea light birthday candle. This

is just the world I live in. We used to have lots of candles..

and then the man came along and threw them away without

warning… so I'm left without birthday candles.

I let my children choose what kind of cake they want. On his first birthday I made him a black forest cake. I know that's a little strange, but he loved the cherry pie filling stuff and chocolate..

Since he's been able to talk.. he's request "funfetti cake".. He could have any kind of homemade cake with homemade butter cream frosting.. and he picks FunFetti.

Who would eat a cake that looks like this? I mean the blue is the

same color as the turquoise Fiesta plate!

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