Happy Birthday Pookie Poo!

Here’s #3 when she was a just a little baby.. (that’s #1 and #2 there also)..

Today is her birthday.  It makes me sad to realize she’s growing up.

I wish she were still a baby.  She was the most perfect baby!  She

hardly ever fussed or cried.  She was always laughing and trying

to get #2’s attention.

I love this photo of her!  She adored the Teltubbies. I love her chubby little

cheeks and her big brown eyes!  She was so chubby I had to wipe the

rolls under her neck.  OOH I loved to kiss those little cheekies!

Here she is a her first dance recital. She ended

up dancing by herself.. because everyone else was

sick with the flu!

#3 and #4 playing with kittens.

She was in a play at church.. I think she looks so

grown up here.  (If you like vintage.. she’s in a vintage

wool secretary dress.)

Can you spot our kitten Two-Toes McGee? #3 is a real

animal lover.. I think if the Man would get her a horse

she just might be in heaven.

Happy Birthday #3.. We love you so very much!  Our

family would not be the same without you!

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