Kitten Vs Degu

kittens, degu, cage

We have these 2 kittens that like to wrestle on the degu cages. In case you were wondering what a degu is… they are little furry hamster/gerbil/chinchilla like animals.

I'm not sure if the degus are worried about the kittens. They don't appear to be. The degus are afraid of the dog. Their cage sits about 4 feet off the ground and each time the dog walks by it, they squeek. Porky doesn't seem to care about them.

The two kittens are Earl and Randy. Randy has the long tail, and Earl has a short stubby tail. They were name after the show "My name is Earl".

I think they are all getting along pretty well.

Happy Birthday Pookie Poo!

Here’s #3 when she was a just a little baby.. (that’s #1 and #2 there also)..

Today is her birthday.  It makes me sad to realize she’s growing up.

I wish she were still a baby.  She was the most perfect baby!  She

hardly ever fussed or cried.  She was always laughing and trying

to get #2’s attention.

I love this photo of her!  She adored the Teltubbies. I love her chubby little

cheeks and her big brown eyes!  She was so chubby I had to wipe the

rolls under her neck.  OOH I loved to kiss those little cheekies!

Here she is a her first dance recital. She ended

up dancing by herself.. because everyone else was

sick with the flu!

#3 and #4 playing with kittens.

She was in a play at church.. I think she looks so

grown up here.  (If you like vintage.. she’s in a vintage

wool secretary dress.)

Can you spot our kitten Two-Toes McGee? #3 is a real

animal lover.. I think if the Man would get her a horse

she just might be in heaven.

Happy Birthday #3.. We love you so very much!  Our

family would not be the same without you!

Someone’s Taken My Spot..

Because we live in the middle of no where.. we seem to get a lot of stray animals.  The man has never liked dogs very much… but he shows patience with ours.  He really likes cats… fortunately for him we seem to have our fair share.

This is Mittens.  She seems to think The Man is well.. HER Man.

She snuggles up on his lap every night and PURRSSS..

Loud.. like she’s Eartha Kitt…

We’ve had long conversations about it.. and she doesn’t

seem to care what I have to say about monopolizing

The Man’s lap.

I think she’s smiling.. because she knows she’s won this battle.