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Happy Easter from Kansas!


Traditionally Easter is the time to dress your children up and take their photos.  Easter kind of snuck up on me this year, and I didn’t get any Easter photos OR fabulous Easter clothes. I did make a dress for child #3 and it was TOO big and fit child #1.  This upset child #3 a lot.  So I made her a skirt and matching American Doll Skirt.  I forgot to take photos of the girls. But here are some photos I took a couple of days before Easter.. they aren’t dressed up and clean.. but I think they are pretty darn cute.


                                              #1 and #3 were doing their best Runaway Bride impersonations…





We did have a traditional spiral sliced ham, garlic scalloped potatoes (my own recipe), peas and homemade croissants. Today the season of Lent was over and I finally was able to drink my favorite, Tazo Passion Tea. If you’ve never had it.. you should try it.  You can get it at Starbucks.. I order mine this way; "Can I have a Venti Passion Iced Tea Unsweeted with 3 Splenda?"






Here was MY perfect bit of ham.. see that brown around the edges.. I love it!


These are my croissants.. with the help of child #1 (the shipping manager) and The Man.. they were super good..  Notice their flakiness?


 I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.. we had a pretty good one here in Kansas.










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