In Honor of Festivus…

I love Seinfeld. I never watched it much when it was on regular TV… but we watch it every night now. If you are a Seinfeld fan, you'll know that yesterday December 23.. was Festivus….

Homemade pizza

Festivus starts with a non-holiday comfort food.

We chose pizza. I made 4 different pizzas. We had Canadian bacon,

a thin all meat, pepperoni.. and a deep dish all meat with sweet

onions on top. After or during the meal there is the "airing of

grievances". This is where each person tells everyone else

all the ways they have disappointed them over the past year.

After the non-traditional meal, there is the "Feats of Strength". This is where

people challenge the head of household in a wrestling match. It ends when

the head of the household is pinned. You can get out of challenging the

head of household ..if you have something better to do.

The only people that would challenge the head of household

this year was #4 and #5. It didn't go so well for them. The

head of household was not pinned… It was a FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

I wish Turkey only cost a nickel..

If you are reading this on November 27th.. I’m probably shopping… Yes, I’m one of those. I go shopping at the crack of dawn on Black Friday. I’m planning on taking my semi-broken camera… and hoping that it works so I can document my day.

Turkey .. Turkey.. Turkey. We traditionally go to my Mother in law’s house on Thanksgiving. My children love leftovers.. so we have Thanksgiving at our house earlier in the week. I didn’t take very many photos.. (because my camera is having issues..)

The Turkey-lurky-lickle.. (name what song that’s from)…

Here’s The Man.. doing his thing.

A little Pumpkin Pecan Pie…

Here’s a few of the Pecan Pie Tartlets I made 🙂

Here they are together YUM…

Here’s #3 making the super cute napkin rings…


Happy Easter from Kansas!


Traditionally Easter is the time to dress your children up and take their photos.  Easter kind of snuck up on me this year, and I didn’t get any Easter photos OR fabulous Easter clothes. I did make a dress for child #3 and it was TOO big and fit child #1.  This upset child #3 a lot.  So I made her a skirt and matching American Doll Skirt.  I forgot to take photos of the girls. But here are some photos I took a couple of days before Easter.. they aren’t dressed up and clean.. but I think they are pretty darn cute.


                                              #1 and #3 were doing their best Runaway Bride impersonations…





We did have a traditional spiral sliced ham, garlic scalloped potatoes (my own recipe), peas and homemade croissants. Today the season of Lent was over and I finally was able to drink my favorite, Tazo Passion Tea. If you’ve never had it.. you should try it.  You can get it at Starbucks.. I order mine this way; "Can I have a Venti Passion Iced Tea Unsweeted with 3 Splenda?"






Here was MY perfect bit of ham.. see that brown around the edges.. I love it!


These are my croissants.. with the help of child #1 (the shipping manager) and The Man.. they were super good..  Notice their flakiness?


 I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.. we had a pretty good one here in Kansas.