Hull Pottery.. Something that Sells on eBay

hull pottery, rare vase, tropicana

I don't think I've ever seen one of these…

Hull Pottery Tropicana Planter Vase USA T57 SOLD $600.00 by eBay Seller lrt05 Check it out HERE

Hull Little Red Riding Hood stuff sells well on eBay. It's not my favorite design,

but lots of people collect it! If you find it you should get it 🙂

Hull Little Red Riding Hood Match Holder SOLD $360.00 by eBay Seller thisstuffs4sale Check it out HERE

I've seen these bad boys at garage sales.. and never gave them a second

glance.. I'll be looking for these now!

Hull Pottery Vintage Brown Drip Canister Set SOLD $330.00 by eBay Seller tmbloy Check it out HERE

Vintage Hull Orange Tree Yellow Stoneware Lidded Pitcher SOLD $211.38 by eBay Seller goose8 Check it HERE

When I think of Hull pottery.. I think of this kind of thing.

Beautiful Large Hull Bow Knot Vase B-14 Matte Finish SOLD 204.52 by eBay Seller hudval333 Check it out HERE

I don't know why.. but I love these little things.

2 Hull Pig Vase Piggy Blue and Pink Vases SOLD $200.00 by eBay Seller tpjp Check it out HERE

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