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Stuff that Sells on eBay: Thanksgiving


Rare 9 ½ Antique Papier Mache Turkey Candy Container with Metal legs SOLD 970.00 by eBay Seller bofisk Check it out HERE


 1899 Purdue vs Indiana Thanksgiving Football Program SOLD 950.00 by eBay seller marka4646 Check it out HERE


Ridgways Flow Blue Large Thanksgiving Turkey 20” and 12 10” plates 1890 SOLD 850.00 by eBay Seller theestaecenter Check it out HERE


Gorgeous! 12 piece Limoges Game Plate SOLD 598.00 by eBay Seller bejebug Check it out HERE


Large Antique Anton Reiche Thanksgiving Turkey Tin Chocolate Mold SOLD 416.99 by eBay Seller wwolst12 Check it out HERE

Something That Sells on eBay: Vintage Swimsuits

vtgswim1There were several Chanel swimsuits that had sold for a good price… so if you see one.. grab it and list it!

Chanel Vintage Black Gold CC Button Detail Low Back One Piece Swimsuit SOLD $985.00 by eBay Seller loveforcoco Check it out HERE

 vtgswim2A Lame’ swimsuit? Let’s blind the boys at the pool in this hot number.

Original Tag Vintage 50’s 60’s De Weese Gold Lame Swimsuit & Jacket SOLD $499.00 by eBay Seller luckylynne Check it out HERE





Vintage 1930’s Kamehameha for Watumull’s Bathing Bikini Suit Set SOLD 325.00 by eBay Seller hilobaycollectibles Check it out HERE

 vtgswim4I know a girl that would like this suit…

Vintage 1940’s-1950’s Straplessw Black Cat Novelty Print Swimsuit SOLD 200.00 by eBay Seller artgirrl Check it out HERE:


Vtg 90’s Moschino One Piece Swimsuit Sz 6/40 Brown Geometric Mask Rare Sample SOLD 99.99 by eBay Seller guiltfreegilt Check it out HERE

 vtgswim6I REALLY wanted one of these swimsuits when I was in high school.  My mother would NOT let me buy one..  As an adult I get it.. you don’t want your teenage daughter walking around advertising beer.. But for some reason.. I think it was the Budweiser Swimsuit models.. I wanted one.

Vintage Budweiser High Bathing Swimsuit PlayBoy Beer EUC 80’s Rare One Piece SOLD 95.00 by eBay Seller Saymyname05 Check it out HERE

Something That Sells on eBay.. Tea

I was looking for a special kind of Ginger Peach Tea and couldn’t remember the brand name.. so while I was searching for Tea on eBay.. I found some pretty expensive stuff..

tea1This stuff looks pretty gross to me…

Nestle Fuwa latte Uji Matcha Green tea milk ore Instant stick cup HOT ICE Japan SOLD 398.00 by eBay Seller xyz150521 Check it out HERE


1980’s Yiwu Ying Min Hao Old Aged Puer Pu-erh Tea Cake Raw- 380g SOLD $270.57 by eBay Seller sum0607 Check it out HERE


5000 Empty with String Tea Bags or Herbs Heat Seal Loose 2.5”x2.25” SOLD $239.95 by eBay Seller thespecialteacompany Check it out HERE


Teavana (Special Edition) Oprah Chai Tea! 2lb Bag/Free S&H + Free Gift SOLD $149.95 by eBay Seller avapotato Check it out HERE:

Dear eBay Queen: Do I need a Business Plan to sell on eBay

Dear eBay Queen:

I have been selling on eBay for 4 years.  I really like it, and think I’m pretty successful doing what I’m doing. I would really like to know how to expand my business and take it to the next level.  My wife and I would like to do eBay full time. Do you have any tips for me?



Dear Henry:

Just like owning any business, it takes a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck to become a full time eBay seller.  Here are some of the tools I have found that have helped me grow my business.

  • Find a place in your home to work.  eBay can take over your house if you are not careful.
  • When you find your source for product, don’t take it for granted. Always be on the lookout for other sources to buy from.
  • Make a schedule for each day. Make time for listing, writing things up, fixing pictures, answering email, packaging and shipping.   One of the hardest things for me is to make time to eBay, when there are so many other things wanting my attention.
  • Make sure your equipment; computer, printer and scales are up to the task of working for you.

eBay for Business has started a 7 week business plan challenge.   This is a fantastic, (and free,) opportunity to move any level of seller to the next rung up on the ladder.  eBay sends you a few gifts too.  This 7 week plan is as follows:

Week One: Executive Summary

Week Two: Company Description

 Week Three: Market Analysis

Week Four: Organization and Management

Week Five: Service or Product Line

Week Six: Marketing and Sales

Week Seven: Financial Projection


Dear eBay Queen:

Have you ever been "below standard"?  I don’t know what to do.  I’ve been this way for a few months, and have been trying to get back to “above standard” for a while.  The thing is, my listings are not getting the views that I need because I am below standard!  When and if they do sell, it’s not for very much money because well… no one is buying my stuff! I’ve offered free shipping, and really don’t know what else to do.

I don’t mind not making a ton of money if it gets me back above standard.  The defects I have were mainly in June or July of last year.  I made a few mistakes in trusting a drop shipper, and not shipping the items I did have out as fast as I could have.

I didn’t know or understand eBay really back then.  I even cancelled a few transactions.  I did not realize I would be penalized for that!   Short of waiting until summer to be able to sell again, what should I do?



Dear Chelsea:

I have been below standard before, when they first implemented this defect program.  It takes a bit of work to get out of the pit you are in, but it can be done.  Here are a few of the things I would do.

  • Call eBay immediately, and see if you can appeal the old defects.
  • Make sure all the stuff you are listing you ship within 24 hours of them selling.
  • Print your labels directly from eBay so that your tracking is uploaded automatically.
  • If you are selling mostly thrift store items, try to mix in some new items.  Download the eBay app to your phone and when you are out at the mall scan the items you see marked 50 to 75% off, and check that against “completed listings.”  You might find a few items that will sell that way.
  • Don’t mark your item so cheap that you are not going to make some kind of profit. 
  • If you are on Pinterest try pinning some of your more interesting items. 
  • I know that there are some groups on Facebook that you can promote your listings.  You might even try tweeting your items.

I hope that eBay removes a few of your old defects, and that with your new listings you are able to become an above standard seller.


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item Number: 291351023981. While not as popular as it was several years ago, Fire King Jadeite is still very collectible. I would love to have these on my counter:  Fire King Jadeite Canister Set. SOLD: $1000.00.


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