I *AM* Good At Things…

A book about nothing.. that I love.. and makes me laugh.

This week has been crazy…. what am I talking about?  This last few months have been pretty nuts. Here's an overview of what I've done this summer.. (not in any particular order)

  • Planned and went on a 7 day mission trip with 20 people… where I was responsible for their entertainment, health, well being and spiritual growth.  I was also responsible for food for 20 for breakfast, 60 for lunch and 20 for dinner… oh and snacks.
  • Youth Sunday: where the youth and I plan an entire Sunday Morning Service.. and I usually give the sermon.
  • Write and deliver a sermon
  • Deal with a stalker, and a few insane people that I seem to let bother me.
  • Deal with 7 children that have different personalities and believe at any given time they are RIGHT.. and everyone else is not.
  • Receive 2 traffic tickets totaling $300.00
  • I'm a mandated reporter.. (enough said about that)
  • VBS for 5 nights.. and planning what I hope are cool crafts..
  • Hosted several dinner parties at my house (FUN!)
  • Stayed up every night to watch the Olympics.. because I've been at VBS. 🙂
  • Had an older couple hit my car and LEAVE the scene.
  • Finished up School… only to seem like I have woke up and I have to start getting ready for it again.
  • I've tried to keep my business running.. while doing all that stuff.

I think I have gotten off topic… ANYWAY.. . this little book makes me happy.  When I feel down, I just open it up and check off a few things I am good at… Here are a few for today:

  • Getting Kids to share their toys.
  • Getting Adults to share their toys. (I use shame)
  • Organizing Mission Trips
  • Planning crafts for VBS
  • Adapting crafts for VBS
  • Starting many single blog entries and not finishing them.
  • Using Q-Tips responsibly.
  • Finding new crafty uses for Q-Tips
  • Being cool with closet chaos.  (I'm not.. but I can act like it)
  • Portioning food out evenly
  • Capturing the moment
  • Watching the Olympics while pretending to be listening to others around me
  • Not freaking out
  • Remembering what used to be there
  • Cat Sitting
  • Resisting the urge to eat all the cheese right after grating it.
  • Listening to people tell me how homeschooling is going to make my children not social… (it happened)

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