This Week…

words to live by..

This coming week is one that I couldn't wait to get here.. and now I just want it to be over.  Have you ever felt like that? 

Sunday: Tomorrow is Youth Sunday.  In our church Youth Sunday means the youth are responsible for all aspects of the service… greeting, announcements, sermon, prayers, children's sermon, music etc. I'll be doing the sermon tomorrow.  In case you are wondering the Bible verses I will be using are: James 2: 1-13 and Matt 22:36-40.  I'm talking about being a Christian Snob.  I'll also be using this Seinfeld Video to break the ice.  I'm pretty nervous about doing the sermon… but I always am.  I just hope I don't screw it up. 🙂

I hope we come home.. have a nice lunch/dinner.. maybe a nap then work on my eBay junk and watch Once Upon a Time.

Monday:  We have the normal school stuff in the morning, and the friends of the library book sale.  In the afternoon we have dance class… In between all the normal stuff  I just listed is my protection from stalking trial.  My stalker was put in jail for beating a woman on the 18th, so it's been pretty peaceful not having to deal with his cyber stalking stuff.  Before he was put in jail he put my family (including my children) names and address on Facebook…  I hope that this trail is that last time I ever have to look at this man.  Your positive thoughts and prayers are appreciate 🙂

Tuesday:  Is a pretty normal day.. School, dinner, write article, plan youth group.. that kind of thing.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:  I'll be at market buying stuff for Spring.. exciting but exhausting.

I *AM* Good At Things…

A book about nothing.. that I love.. and makes me laugh.

This week has been crazy…. what am I talking about?  This last few months have been pretty nuts. Here's an overview of what I've done this summer.. (not in any particular order)

  • Planned and went on a 7 day mission trip with 20 people… where I was responsible for their entertainment, health, well being and spiritual growth.  I was also responsible for food for 20 for breakfast, 60 for lunch and 20 for dinner… oh and snacks.
  • Youth Sunday: where the youth and I plan an entire Sunday Morning Service.. and I usually give the sermon.
  • Write and deliver a sermon
  • Deal with a stalker, and a few insane people that I seem to let bother me.
  • Deal with 7 children that have different personalities and believe at any given time they are RIGHT.. and everyone else is not.
  • Receive 2 traffic tickets totaling $300.00
  • I'm a mandated reporter.. (enough said about that)
  • VBS for 5 nights.. and planning what I hope are cool crafts..
  • Hosted several dinner parties at my house (FUN!)
  • Stayed up every night to watch the Olympics.. because I've been at VBS. 🙂
  • Had an older couple hit my car and LEAVE the scene.
  • Finished up School… only to seem like I have woke up and I have to start getting ready for it again.
  • I've tried to keep my business running.. while doing all that stuff.

I think I have gotten off topic… ANYWAY.. . this little book makes me happy.  When I feel down, I just open it up and check off a few things I am good at… Here are a few for today:

  • Getting Kids to share their toys.
  • Getting Adults to share their toys. (I use shame)
  • Organizing Mission Trips
  • Planning crafts for VBS
  • Adapting crafts for VBS
  • Starting many single blog entries and not finishing them.
  • Using Q-Tips responsibly.
  • Finding new crafty uses for Q-Tips
  • Being cool with closet chaos.  (I'm not.. but I can act like it)
  • Portioning food out evenly
  • Capturing the moment
  • Watching the Olympics while pretending to be listening to others around me
  • Not freaking out
  • Remembering what used to be there
  • Cat Sitting
  • Resisting the urge to eat all the cheese right after grating it.
  • Listening to people tell me how homeschooling is going to make my children not social… (it happened)

I’ve Been Turned in for Neglect…

#6 eating his bubbie.. looking cute in a sunsuit…

I was reminded today by my son.. #2 that I've neglected my blog. I knew I had.. and I have a good excuse really… Here they are.. you can pick one 🙂

  1. I'm tired.. and not because #6 is home keeping me up all night. He's not home yet.. hopefully soon… The exhaustion is due to my medication and head and neck pain… I couldn't sleep.
  2. My medication has made me loopy and I can't focus.. Seriously.. I've been off my blood pressure medication for just a few days.. and feel better. Not 100% but better.
  3. My head and neck are seriously messed up. I've had one trip to see Dr. Hull and I feel better. I'm excited about our meeting on Thursday….
  4. I've been spending ever spare minute (that I felt good) with #6 in the NICU.
  5. I also had all the other stuff that I am suppose to do.. but have been neglecting..

See those are good reasons right?