I Can’t Believe This Sold: Burlap Wall Art Naked Woman

Have you ever been out hunting for eBay junk and found something so weird you thought.. “That’s just strange enough that SOMEONE would buy it!”

Several years ago the Man took me Garage Saling.. (I love it when he does that).. We were down in the Mission Hills area of Kansas City.  We stopped at this garage sale and I saw this hanging from the homes gutter.

naked girl long braided hair

It’s fabulously strange isn’t it?  The back of her head is raised with

half of a styrofoam ball or something that makes the head

curve out like that.

naked girl, signed Japanese

The hair on it felt real, and was braided.  The backing was a odd burlap-jute type fabric.  It had 2

of those terra cotta disks.  Her body was made of yarn that looked like it was “rug hooked” on the burlap.

Here’s the label for it.  I think I paid a couple of dollars for it…

put it up for auction and it sold for over $60.  What’s the

strangest thing you ever sold on eBay?

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