I think I gave Birth to the Twitter King oh.. and PRAY FOR SURF!

I admit I’m lazy.  Some people don’t think so.. but deep down inside I know the truth. I take short cuts.. and sometimes I’m just too tired to read.  Wait… what?  Yes.. I said it.. I’m too tired to read.  Here’s proof.

#2 is looking a little tired himself!

I bought this hoodie for #2 for his birthday.  I thought he’d like the orange and burgundy. It must have been one of those days when I was too tired to read.

Actually I saw the “Surf Crazy” on the front, and didn’t think much of it.  I was more concerned about the “bedazzle -ing” that had happened in some places.

See those little white dots?  Those are not really rhinestones, but more like little crystals.  Are those manly? They didn’t seem to bother #2.  He liked the colors.

He was sitting on the floor with his hood up and I noticed this!  “Pray for Surf”.  The kid lives in Kansas…

Does this mean he’s the Twitter King?  Nice Bedazzling..

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