Looking for Owls? Etsy is the place to shop!

My daughters really like things with owls on them. I'm not so crazy about owl things.. because they remind me of the 1970's. What do you think of owl stuff?

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Hello unusual and funky.. If you wanted to get noticed, here's what to wear.

Great Horn Owl Hoodie Scarf with Mittens and Talons $78.00 by Etsy Seller ToppedHats by Jenny Cirillo  Check it out HERE 



Newborn Baby Owl Hat and Diaper Cover Set $29.00 by Etsy Shop Snazzybeans  Check it out HERE 


I would wear this cute vintage-y owl bracelet!

Cameo Charm Bracelet with Owl $42.00 by Etsy Shop SilverTrumpet  Check it out HERE 


I love boutique little girl's clothing. I just need a little girl!

The Little Owl Costume and Wings $450.00 by Etsy Shop MeadowLion1120  Check it out HERE 


So CUTE!.. and pretty unique!

Ostrich Egg Owl Lamp $349.99 by Etsy Shop artbyevelina  Check It out HERE

Let’s Talk about Pucci.. Emilio Pucci

emilio pucci, fabric, 30 yards of fabric, brown, blue, cream fabric

I love these colors together.

Koplavitch Pucci Spa Pin Tuck Silk Check Fabric 30 yds Sold 1799.99 by eBay Seller elegantfabrics1  Check it out HERE 

 barbie, pucci, braniff, air hostess

I think anything Braniff and Pucci sells well.

Braniff International Emilio Pucci Barbie Doll Collection Original 1964 SOLD $1268,50 by eBay Seller lessie760  Check it out HERE  


Love this!

Vintage Pucci Silk Jersey Gown 1972 Florence Italy Petite 4 Sold $900.00 by eBay Seller designarchives  Check it out HERE 


I wish they had a picture of Marilyn in this dress.

Vintage Emilio Pucci Peacock Pattern Just Like Marilyns SOLD $660.00 by eBay Seller mmlives  Check it out HERE 


A very unusual jacket..

Emilio Pucci Rossignol White Blue Hooded Ski Puffer Jacket SOLD $550.00 by eBay Seller becky5481  Check it out HERE 

I think I gave Birth to the Twitter King oh.. and PRAY FOR SURF!

I admit I’m lazy.  Some people don’t think so.. but deep down inside I know the truth. I take short cuts.. and sometimes I’m just too tired to read.  Wait… what?  Yes.. I said it.. I’m too tired to read.  Here’s proof.

#2 is looking a little tired himself!

I bought this hoodie for #2 for his birthday.  I thought he’d like the orange and burgundy. It must have been one of those days when I was too tired to read.

Actually I saw the “Surf Crazy” on the front, and didn’t think much of it.  I was more concerned about the “bedazzle -ing” that had happened in some places.

See those little white dots?  Those are not really rhinestones, but more like little crystals.  Are those manly? They didn’t seem to bother #2.  He liked the colors.

He was sitting on the floor with his hood up and I noticed this!  “Pray for Surf”.  The kid lives in Kansas…

Does this mean he’s the Twitter King?  Nice Bedazzling..