I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night.. and Party Every Day

Jay leno, kiss, gene simmons, tongue, paul stanley

Last week Jay Leno had the group KISS on the Tonight Show.  Being the

super hip family we are.. (insert laughing here).  We have Rock Band and

the Guitar Hero games.. so my kids have some music knowledge that most 7 and

5 year olds don’t have. (or at least that’s how I’m going to explain it).

Paul Stanley, Jay Leno, Kiss, Fry my brain, The Tonight Show

My kids were in BED and came running in to watch Kiss on TV.  #5 brought

his father’s Gene Simmon’s doll to hold up while the group sang.  Paul

Stanley doesn’t look too bad right?

Jay Leno, Kiss

This is a little embarrassing..

#4 isn’t helping much here… Nice Target Christmas shirt!

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