I’m Getting Married.. as Soon as The Man Let’s Me

Today is a special anniversary for #4 and I.  You see two years ago to day he gave me this:

wedding rings, unusual ring, plastic tag holder

He’s pretty romantic for a 7 year old don’t you think?

If you just started reading my blog (WELCOME!).. or if you are one of my 5 readers.. you’d know this is the ring #4 pledged his love to me with. (he really asked me to marry him 🙂  You can check out my original blog about it  HERE.

I never take it off, except to show people… I love the strange looks I get when people notice it, but are too scared to ask me what it is.  Sometimes #4 just comes over and grabs my hand to see if I still have it on.

anniversary, wedding ring, I'm married

No one thought it would last.. the ring that is.  The Man

predicted it would outlast the sun.  Today is #4 and I’s

anniversary.. I asked him if he still wanted to marry me;

He said; “Sure if Dad let’s me!”

Good Gravy! I love that kid!

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