It’s a Windy day in Kansas.. and there is No Electricity

It started out as a pretty good day.  Cloudy and overcast.. VERY WINDY.. but still a nice day.  The children were quiet, doing their school, and I was taking a little time out to enjoy The View.  Elizabeth Hasslebeck was getting ready to rant about something… and BOOM the electricity went out.  So we waited..

and waited…

and waited…

I had Rachel (the oldest and shipping manager) call KCP&L.  They said "it would be awhile" and "they would be right out".  

We waited some more… and the natives started getting restless.  There was no computer to finish up their SOS math on.. no plug in to charge and listen to the MP3 players.  But most of all I couldn’t get my photos fixed or any eBay stuff written up.  I couldn’t write my article that is due tomorrow..  

                                                                      Here’s a native… way past restless….

I packed up 4 of the 5 children.. all of their school and things to entertain them and we headed into town. 

 It is so windy.. the baby is about to blow away.. These kids like John Deere stuff don’t they…


Since it was Monday we headed to the Friends of the Library book sale, spent $5.00 on about 15 books.  Some are for re-sell and other are for the brats.  

                                                                                Allie & Emily outside of the Potter’s Wheel.

The Potter’s Wheel has some great sandwiches.. I don’t think the good people of Ottawa know how AWESOME these sandwiches are… My favorite is the Cinda; pastrami, bacon, salami.. heated… you know all "panni’d" up.  I’d have a photo of it, if I would have though of taking a picture, before I ate it!

We ate, did some school, talked to some friends (who’s electricity went out too..) and in general had a good time.  I have the photos to prove we did school.. just in case The Man doesn’t believe me.

                                                   Ok so maybe this photo doesn’t prove they were doing school.

I have more…

I don’t think either of these photos prove anything either.. I mean really they could have just been taking a break or something..

This is what I am talking about.. 2 kids (one of which is not mine).. studying.. Maybe I need to express the importance of studying to my boys…

All in all.. it’s been good. I fixed some pictures.. bought some books to sell.. and the kids had a little field trip.  Now it’s off to run 2 of the 5 to dance.

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