Maybe it’s Because They are Homeschooled…

homeschooled children, weird kids, costume

I think my kids have a pretty good imagination.  It seems like

every day they have a different costume or game they are playing.

I have NO idea what #3 is doing here.. she has

on a blanket, with this little sweater clip thing

holding it together.  Oh.. and let’s not leave out

the red and blue swimming noodles.

#5 is sporting a black grosgrain ribbon around his

head, a polka dot handkerchief, foam shield and sword,

camera bag or purse or um satchel, and a Boy Scout Weeblo pin.

I probably shouldn’t leave out the super cool sleeveless

Spiderman shirt.

Here you can see what I think is the sweater clip..

OOh.. and I believe the Sponge Bob pajama pants

with her brothers “House of Jesus” t-shirt on completes the look.

In her defense, she was the bad guy to her brothers

“Super Hero” games they were playing.

I like to thing they are this creative because they are

homeschooled..  or maybe they just look homeschooled

because they are so creative..  Either way it does my heart

good to see them using their imaginations.

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