Top Halloween Costumes on eBay 2012

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This guy MADE this.. pretty cool.

Full Joker Costume! Batman: The Dark Knight: Halloween Cosplay or Display!  SOLD 1525.0 by eBay Seller brrogers87  Check it out HERE 



 bat man, bain, batman, costume

I think people really like their comic characters.. some of the top costumes are DC Comic Figures!

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Costume Mask Prop Batman Rare Halloween SOLD $1129.87 by eBay Seller lhulky Check it out HERE 


Last year this was one of the most popular costumes.

Deadmau5 Replica Diamante Mau5head Halloween Costume SOLD $700.00 by eBay Seller darcyg91  Check it out HERE 


macho man, randy savage, halloween costume

Oh Macho man!

Macho Man Randy Savage Halloween Costume SOLD $600.00 by eBay Seller 2.0tubo16v  Check it out HERE 

 bella swan, costume, t shirt, hoodie

Would you pay almost 600.00 for a hoodie?

Be Twilight Bella Swan for Halloween Costume Cosplay Green Hoodie SOLD $586.00 by eBay Seller fractionsv3  Check it out HERE

Dance Recital..

It's been a very frustrating year for dance.  #3 LOVES to dance, and normally she is in 4-6 different dances, but this year the studio that "bought out" the studio, that "bought out" the studio she had danced at her entire life.. could not seem to get their act together. I could write so many things about how horrible this year was.. but that would take away from how beautiful #3 looked.  If one of your children want to dance, check out the studio.  If the owners worry more about their policies than the students.. take them somewhere else.  If the owner talks negative about a parent in front of the students.. take them somewhere else.  We will be going somewhere else next year for sure.

Here's previous years posts about dance:  Here Here Here Here and Here



Isn't she pretty?  (we think so)







The Sequined Patch Contest OR Today I’ve Seen It All….

A few days ago I received this message from a buyer.  She made offers on 17 different sequined patches.  All the patches have free shipping on them.  Here's what she said:

"I just made offers on many of your lots. Please do not be offended by my offers. I have to buy low enough to make a profit. Being a large company I have many expenses, paying employees and taxes are killing me! If you can not except I understand. Thank you for your time."


I didn't respond to her message.  I did make counter offers on the items.  Some she took, some she didn't.  She paid, and my "tiny company" sent her "large company" the product she ordered.

She received her items within 3 days of purchase (today) and I received this message from her:

"Also I wanted to ask if you mind if I use your photos so I don't have to take photos of the items I buy from you.This would be very helpful and I would possibly buy more from you if I did not have to take photos. Saves me time and when it is an item I can not reorder I do not like to take much time on listing them. Since my time is very limited Bless you and your business."

There are so many thing I want to say to this.  But I'd like to hear what you have to say… The best response receives one of each of the patches she ordered from me…

You know you want them!  They are very sparkle-y!

Maybe I'll let *you* use my pictures…

A Scary but FUN! Night… at Jack’s Hollow..

My good friend Tammy has a fabulous party every year.  (I've written about Tammy before.. HERE HERE and HERE ) This year I didn't get go, because of a little kid I like to call #6.  He's not really outdoor party friendly..  🙁  These photos are brought to you by The Man.

jack's hollow, halloween, party

Entrance to the party.

This is a new feature this year.. It's a bunch of campers… camping..

This thing crawls down and grabs on of the campers…

and takes it up the line with him.  (Note to self don't show my Girl Scouts this) 😉

The graveyard

#3 and a couple of her friends.

#5 with Jack

Jack and a few monkey's…

Zombie Cabin

Stay out of this Dr's office…

Hay ride!

I'll see you next year.. I promise…

as long as you keep that camper zombie thing away from me.