Monday To Do’s

Monday To Do's

  • Figure out if the Internet is working.. See this blog

if it is WORKING I will do this:

  • School the monkey's
  • work on eBay junk
  • clean the house
  • Dinner= potato soup & Sandwiches
  • take #3 and #4 to dance
  • Go to Library book sale
  • pack and make labels for boxes as usual

if it's NOT working I will do this:

  • Pack school books (for myself and 4 children), printer, eBay stuff that has been paid, packing supplies, lunch for said children, dinner in the crock pot and 5.5 children in the car… go to someplace I can pack, do school and use the Internet.
  • School the monkey's while trying to keep them quiet in a public place.
  • make labels with my printer and hope no one thinks I'm weird because I bring my own printer somewhere.
  • Plug my crock pot in
  • Go to library book sale
  • take #3 and #4 to dance
  • Try not to curse the day I started using Virgin Mobile Broadband
  • finish bulletin boards in the youth room

(you might wonder why I take dinner with me on Mondays.. well our family works on the renovation of our church building on Monday evenings while the monkey's are at dance.)

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