My Bee Balm… is Cross Pollinating

This is Bee Balm. I love the stuff.  I love the way it looks and the way it smells.  It smells all mint-y and sage-ish.  But this Bee Balm.. this hot pink stuff was not planted in my garden by me.

Last year #1 found this purple bee balm growing wild in our back 20 acres.  She dug some of it up and planted it next to my original bee balm…

(my original bee balm.. it's kind of a bubble gum pink color)

See the short bubble gum pink bee balm.. that's the original stuff.  (Just ignore that BIG WEED…) The tall stuff all around it is the purple from the back field and the new stuff, the hot pink.

I don't understand how the cross pollination happened, why the stuff is so tall.  But I love it!


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