Proving My Point… Selling Dolls

Category Transactions Low ratings
Item as described Communication Shipping time Shipping and handling charges
% Count % Count % Count % Count
Dolls & Bears – Dolls 30 0.48 2 0.48 2 0.24 1 0.24 1

I was reviewing my Seller Performance Reports and discovered what I learned a long time ago.  People who collect dolls are hard to please and perhaps have expectations that are beyond collectors in other categories. 

The 2  as describe marks I got were from people that did not contact me.  One left a negative one a positive.  The negative gave me one's across the board.  The positive's feedback said: "Fast Shipping, Doll was not what I expected" 

**I don't know for sure.. but I'm guessing that these are the people that gave me the low DSR's.. because everyone else was happy.**

Here's some of the Doll information I've learned over the years.

  • Take photos of the doll with clothes on and naked
  • how's the dolls hair?  Has it been cut?
  • Any "gnaw" marks on the fingers or toes?
  • Any light spots on the skin?
  • Is the body and the head the same color?
  • what are the markings on the bum and neck?
  • Pierced ears?
  • painted toes or nails?
  • eye color?
  • does the doll have cloudy eyes?
  • Does she wet?
  • Have sleepy eyes that work?
  • Eyelashes?
  • Original outfit
  • How do her arms and legs move?
  • Does her "noise" maker work?
  • Measurements

Have you found this to be true?  What category do you have issues in?

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