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Something to Sell on eBay.. Records

I don’t really like selling stuff for other people.  Mostly because I feel like I am going to let them down, and because they usually have these super high expectations of what their stuff is worth.  One question I get asked the most is; “My great uncles, brothers, first cousin’s girlfriend left me a record collection.  Will you sell it for me on the eBay?”  Here’s some of the highest selling records on eBay.


There were two of these that sold.. the one below and one for 10,000.. Who doesn't wish they couldn't have a few of these?

Box 3/LP Annelies Schmidt Bach Ducretet Thomson 300 C 43-45 SOLD $11,100.00 by eBay Seller mp7157  Check it out HERE 


Rare Sex Pistols 1977 A& M Records God Save the Queen/No Feelings AMS 7248  SOLD $8100.00 by eBay Seller clthsclblesandmore Check it out HERE 


Mighty Ryeders Help Us Spread The Message LP Original Sealed Promo Soul Funk Sold $4560.00 by eBay Seller brainticket  Check it out HERE 


Amos Milburn: Rockin The Boogie Rare Blues & R&B Vinyl LP  SOLD $3500.00 by eBay Seller craigmoerer  Check it out HERE


The Beatles: Mother Nature’s Son 10” UK Emidisc acetate $2024.00 by eBay Seller ferroflex  Check it out HERE 

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