Sometimes.. Chili isn’t enough

I wanted Chili… but according to the weather here in Kansas, it’s not time for chili. I tried to get approval from The Man.. asking if he thought chili sounded good… he just gave me that "your kidding right?" look.

I need something fabulous.. I need something that would put chili (on a warm day) from the "yea right" category to "that sounds delicious"… So I went searching for the perfect chili-go-together food. Which made me think about when I was in school…(90 years ago) we always had cinnamon rolls with our chili. I thought maybe.. just maybe that would work.

I searched the internet high.. and low. I found this recipe at The Pioneer Woman These are so good..

Here’s what they look like coming out of the oven…

Yummy.. Gooey.. Apple deliciousness.. Really You should try some..

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