Deep Thoughts.. of Winter

I don’t know about where you are.. but here in Kansas it’s been hot.  SUPER hot.. as in 107 degrees… on some days.  So to cool us all down here’s a shot of this last winter.. during an ice storm.

winter in the woods, keep cool

This is our side yard..

A pot with icicles..

Even in this heat.. I still like summer best.  How about you?

Gary Lezak promised.. Snow, Snow and more Snow

Over the last 3 weeks my little area has received about 21″ of snow. (According to Gary Lezak)  I’ve taken several photos over the last few weeks.

Awe.. poor Porky..  It doesn’t look like it from this photo, but he really

loves the snow.  He loves to bite at it.. run in it.. and roll around in it

Can you see the snow blowing?

There are some deer out there but when I ran back in to get

my camera.. they were gone. 🙁

The Man couldn’t seem to make it up our driveway in any vehicle..

not even his work van.  He’s only about 1/3 of the way up right now.

We went out for a little drive to see how our road looked…

It didn’t look good.  There is The Man..helping out a neighbor get

IN his driveway.

Here’s a view of the low water bridge.. all snowed over.

Here’s a view from my front porch.

I asked #1 if he’d hop out of the car and stand next to the snow..

so I could show how how deep it is.  ALL of them wanted to do it.

They look cold don’t they?  What’s wrong with #5?

We warned #5 .. TOLD HIM IT WAS COLD.. told him to “put his coat on..”

He really did have a coat when he left the house. I promise!

#5 became cold fast… You can see him bolting to get in the car

The rest of his siblings thought it was pretty funny.

I hope it’s warmer where you are!

Sometimes.. Chili isn’t enough

I wanted Chili… but according to the weather here in Kansas, it’s not time for chili. I tried to get approval from The Man.. asking if he thought chili sounded good… he just gave me that "your kidding right?" look.

I need something fabulous.. I need something that would put chili (on a warm day) from the "yea right" category to "that sounds delicious"… So I went searching for the perfect chili-go-together food. Which made me think about when I was in school…(90 years ago) we always had cinnamon rolls with our chili. I thought maybe.. just maybe that would work.

I searched the internet high.. and low. I found this recipe at The Pioneer Woman These are so good..

Here’s what they look like coming out of the oven…

Yummy.. Gooey.. Apple deliciousness.. Really You should try some..