The Joker & the Riddler.. the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve been following these 2 Jokers around my house for about 2 weeks. You should know that I’ve asked 4 of my 5 children to put them up. Each one of the children put it somewhere different…

I’m not exactly sure where this was taken… but it was the first time I saw these

two characters together. I told #5 to put them up.

Here they are again… this time sitting by the Fitz & Floyd Market Pigs.

I asked #3 to put these up.

Oh.. look here they are again. The Joker and the Riddler have moved from the

dining room into the family room. They look nice flanked by the “angry” photo of #3

I asked #3 to put them up.. I wonder what she did with them?

Ah… #3 always the comedian..

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