Help! An Estate Sale Threw Up In My House..

The last 10 days or so I spent helping my Mother and Father in law at their estate sale.  It was a BLAST.. so much fun I'm thinking about doing it for other people. 🙂   They gave us TONS of fabulous stuff.. + We brought all the left overs from the estate sale to our house to sort out between 2 different auctions and a couple of spectacular things for eBay.   Here's what my house looks like while we are sorting…

This is the best looking part of the mess…

my family room

Dining Room

Family Room

Entry way

Entry way.. (the plants have to be brought in when it's windy.. so they are going back out)

Entry way.. Look!  You can still walk in here!

Family Room

Family Room

Dining room.. The legos are all #2's

Dining Room

We'll take some after pictures soon….

Pinterest February Photo Challenge Day 1: My View

I'm taking the Pinterest Photo a Day Challenge.  Today's Photo is "MY VIEW".. I thought maybe I'd take a view from our front porch… then I thought maybe I'd just take a view of what I can see where I am sitting.  The view from my front porch is better than this..

Here's what's in front of me.  My laptop, sunglasses, scissors, birthday card, iced tea (not much ice in it), Star Wars light up candy light sabers, #4's MP# player, USB Cord, back scratcher, and my Chumby (that needs a new plug)

To the right of me is this kid #5.  He woke up last night not feeling so good.

To the left of me is this kid.. #2.. He's working.  Please ignore the mess behind him AND that we have not taken all of our Christmas junk down.  Most of it is down.. we just have a few stragglers here and there. 

The Joker & the Riddler.. the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve been following these 2 Jokers around my house for about 2 weeks. You should know that I’ve asked 4 of my 5 children to put them up. Each one of the children put it somewhere different…

I’m not exactly sure where this was taken… but it was the first time I saw these

two characters together. I told #5 to put them up.

Here they are again… this time sitting by the Fitz & Floyd Market Pigs.

I asked #3 to put these up.

Oh.. look here they are again. The Joker and the Riddler have moved from the

dining room into the family room. They look nice flanked by the “angry” photo of #3

I asked #3 to put them up.. I wonder what she did with them?

Ah… #3 always the comedian..