Thinking about Easter’s Past…

I’ve been thinking a lot about Easter.  (It is next week you know.) I love helping the Easter Bunny hide eggs. I love watching the kids go through their Easter baskets and eat all their candy before we get home from church. This never makes The Man happy.  He wants them to eat in moderation.  I don’t care, I just don’t want to hear the fights over “who took who’s egg” a week or really a day after Easter.

I started going through old photos of Easter’s past.  I found these of the kids dying eggs

This year we obvious used the Paas Sparkle egg set.

My children REFUSE to use the little dipper thing.. so their hands

are always stained.  (How do you like the crooked picture in the background?)

Good Gravy!  These kids look like they just woke up or something.

Couldn’t their mother fix their hair and get them out of their P.J.’s?

Ok.. this is really what they look like everyday before their father

gets home from work.. but don’t tell him.

These two look like they’ve just voted in the Iraq election with

their purple fingers.

Egg dying.. keeps the monkey’s quiet.

I think years later #3 STILL has this purple dye on her hands.

#5 inspecting his chocolate egg..

I have no idea what’s going on in this photo..  I’m sure #3

is going to say something about #5 “inspecting” her

chocolate egg.

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