My Appeal for John Donahoe to Go on Undercover Boss or He can just Come to My House…

There’s a new TV show that has TOTALLY got me hooked.  It’s call Undercover Boss and it is on CBS on Sunday nights.  The premise behind it is you take the CEO/Owner/Boss of a company and give him a make under.. put him out in the trenches with his workers and see how he handles working in the field.  They’ve done it with the CEO’s of  Hooters, 7-11, Church Hill Downs, Waste Management and White Castle.  I think they should do it with eBay and their CEO, John Donahoe.

Instead of going undercover at eBay in San Jose.. he should go to Sellers and Buyers houses to see how we work.  I would love to have him come to my house and see what a normal day is like.

I can imagine #1 being nervous about him there checking out how she wraps and ships.

#2 would be so excited in his own nerdy way.  He would be telling everyone he

knows that John Donahoe is coming to his house… and is friends would be like..

“John Dona Who?”

#4 would be totally up in his business.  He would talk his leg off,

and want him to sit by him at lunch.

#3 would give him a piece of her mind about DSR’s and American Girl Categories. (John, if your reading this, don’t be afraid of the 11 year old with socker boppers.. she’s really quite nice as long as you give her what she wants 😉 )

#5 would be impressed with his height (he’s like 6’6″ or something) and see if he would play Batman and Robin with him.

I would love a chance to tell him how I feel about eBay. I would tell him about  how the DSR system shouldn’t have all the power it has and still maintain it’s  anonymity.  I understand why they do it; so that the buyers feel they can be honest without repercussions from the seller; but what’s going to happen to the buyer? They can’t receive negative feedback, (the worst thing I can do to a buyer is block them).  Most importantly it will help me as a seller know there was something wrong with the sale.  Isn’t that what the DSR program is for?  Make us better at customer service?

I know there are other sellers that could show him a thing or two about selling on eBay.  I truly believe that if he walked a few hours in our shoes, he would see more than just the numbers of eBay, he would see the people.  I believe he would also realize that SOME of the new rules are not helping the community.  They are actually hurting it.

The CEO of 7-11 learned why the number one selling coffee store was really number one… it was the community that made that store sell more coffee than any of the others.  When the COO of Waste Management went to work as just a trash guy.. he learned that the rules and regulations they put on the Waste Management workers were not only unfair, but they kept them from putting their best foot forward for the community.

Come on CBS and eBay.. Let’s do this.. get John, or Lorrie or maybe even Todd to go and meet the sellers where they work.  I double dog dare you…  I’ll even make you this if you come..

Check out Undercover boss on the Link below..

Undercover Boss

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