Wedding Cake Toppers

I love to look at wedding stuff. .. even though I’ve been married to The Man for a while now.  I over heard a woman talking at Goodwill about Wedding Cake toppers.   Which made me think about the vintage wedding cake toppers I’ve sold on eBay.. and  *MY* wedding.

My wedding cake didn’t have a topper.. It was a “Martha Stewart” designed cake.. out of her original wedding book.

martha stewart weddings, GIANT cupcakes, wedding cupcakes

This isn’t a great photo of it.. but it’s my wedding cake.  I had lots of kids in my wedding party, and knew there would be children at our wedding… so I ordered  50 GIANT cupcakes  for the kids.

Pretty Creative if you ask me..

  • Personalized Wedding Cake Topper One of a Kind $345.00  Sold by Etsy Seller Mark1318 Check it out HERE

Cute and affordable!

  • Little Love Letters Sold by Tuckerreece $20.00  Check it out HERE.

wooden cut out, cake topper, wedding cake topper, creative

So Cute..  love the animals with it!

  • Custom Wooden Star House Likeness Wedding Cake by Urastarhouse  Check it out HERE.

goth wedding, cake topper, unusual creative, wedding

Not sure this would be something I’d have on my cake.. but it’s original!

  • Day of the Dead Skeleton Bride and Groom Figurine by Laserbird $27.00 Check it out HERE.

spiderman cake topper, wedding, weird unusual

  • Figure Group Grooms Cake Spider Heads $225.00 By Melabo  Check it out HERE.

gene simmons, kiss, wedding cake topper, shannon tweed

Well.. I’m not sure I would want a KISS wedding topper.. But

for the Gene Simmons fan this would be super cool…

  • Kiss Gene Simmons Custom Wedding Cake Topper $175.00 by LizBonura Check it out HERE

I’m pretty sure one of my boys will have this one..

  • Custom Lego Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom $150.00 by FoldedFancy Check it out HERE

felted birds, felted wedding cake

  • Tweet Hearts Wedding Cake Topper in your colors $160.00 by TheFeltedPair  Check it out HERE

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