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Well.. I Had a To Do List… But Poison Ivy Made it Go Away…

I had stuff to do today.. I got up ready to do it….  and this was staring at me.

poison ivy, on your face poison ivy, blisters

Pretty pitiful huh?

This face normally looks like this:

OOPS.. How did that get in there?

I mean it looks like this..

OK.. OK.. he was like 7 years old here..

It really looks like this..

See no poison ivy.. just a good shot up his nose.

He was “weed wacking” and some how got into poison ivy. It’s all over his legs, and face.  I made him take some anti-histamine last night and it knocked him out.  I thought he would be better this morning, and he wasn’t.  We call his Dr.. no appointments today.. only one tomorrow in the evening.  So we went to the walk-in clinic 20 miles away.

I don’t know how my baby has this hairy of a leg.. He’s just a baby! Maybe

it’s some growth hormone in the slurpees he likes to drink.

Now 6 hours later he is fully medicated and feeling better… but I didn’t get anything done on my to-do list.

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