Barnes & Noble & Me

I'm working in Barnes and Noble this morning. I think I should re-state that.. I'm trying to work this morning in Barnes and Noble.. but I can't seem to focus. The Man's aunt passed away and her visitation is today in Kansas City. In order to save on gas, I rode up to work with him today and while he's working.. I'm hanging out at the mall. You feel bad for me don't you? 😉

I've got everything I need… a magazine on Youth of Today… a venti Passion Iced Tea, an old tea from Panera Bread and of course a lovely iced coffee with a shot of coconut.

Just in case you wanted a close up of my coconut iced coffee… ok really I'm doing this to mess with #1's brain. You see I'm living her dream. She would love to be here at a Barnes and Noble.. that had a Starbucks.

Have you ever wondered where what it would be like to "live" at a store? .. this is the section I think I would be making my home in…

Good thing Self Help is across from Crafts.. Because this is where I'd be really hanging out at.. I love crafts. They make me happy.

Here's a whole slew of books I should be reading instead of crafting books.

See these super cute tote bags? I want the green and purple one. If you buy 2 things in the store you get one of these for $12.50.. I'm too cheap to buy one…

Dear children.. I'm thinking of buying all of these books for you to work on before school starts this fall… love.. your mother.

I should buy this book (Knitting Flowers by Nicki Epstein) for #1.. It would be really nice of her to make that purse for her mother… (You know my birthday is coming up.)

#1 would probably like this book more than the "Knitting Flowers" book. Just in case you wondered.. she's slightly obsessed with royalty.

This is where I wanted to sit when I arrived at Barnes and Noble.. but unfortunately they do not have any outlets here.

So… I'm sitting here… now that I've gotten this out of my system.. maybe I can get to work.

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