How Crazy Can Turn into Gratitude

cut on the dotted line

I had a crazy day.  Normally when I say "crazy".. I mean hectic.  Yesterday, I had a seriously crazy day.  You know Webster's Dictionary definition of CRAZY: Adjective: Mentally deranged, esp. as manifested in a wild or aggressive way: "Stella went crazy and assaulted a visitor".  (that kind of crazy)

The first thing that took me out of my element:

I woke up 2 of our 6 children  at the crack of dawn, got them dressed, fed them a made to order breakfast  and took them into town.  If you know me, You'd know that  I'm not really a morning person.  I'm more like a 8:30am stay in my yoga pants until 11:00am the man comes home kind of girl.

The second thing that took me out of my element:

I enrolled #4 in our public school district.  Not as a full time student, but just for speech and reading help.  It was something I thought I would never do. Not because I am such a staunch homeschooler, but because I swore I would NEVER put my child in this particular school district again.   I'm happy to report he has some great speech and reading teachers… but like someone that has a mild form of PTSD.. I still get the shakes going in the building.

The third thing:

I had someone call and offer me a job. .. I wasn't looking for.  That's crazy right?

The fourth and the cherry on the top of this day…

I received a bizarre, and abusive phone call from a woman I never met.  To say I was taken back by the call would be an understatement. All I know is I tried to be kind, listen and put myself in her position. I tried to explain to her how she was mistaken and apologized, and she still didn't let up.  I'm proud of  how I handled myself.  The old me from 20 years ago would have let her have it, because she was screaming at me.  I feel bad for her that she did not hear there was a misunderstanding.  She didn't hear that *no one*  was out to get her. I can only imagine how unhappy and insecure she must feel.  I'm not sure how a person can feel better about themselves saying what she said… she obviously did not call me to figure out what was going on, but only to try make me feel bad. I guess it worked, because I feel bad for her, and not myself or my actions.  I hope her screaming and yelling at me accomplished the security she needs in her relationship. I know it changed my opinion of her and her relationship with her loved ones.

At the end of this crazy day… I still have been blessed with everything I've ever hoped to have: I have the gift of a new day , A husband that loves me, (and I him) 6 awesomely quirky and funny children I never thought I would have, a house I enjoy being in, a car that runs (but sucks the gas), high speed internet (even in though I live in the boonies), a bunch of youth that I enjoy hanging out with… and friends that I have had for years that love me no matter what.  Yesterday was a weird, bizarre day that made my somewhat level world turn ever so slightly.  After a good nights sleep and a good laugh with The Man about the day.. all was back to normal in my world. Am I blessed or what?

Tuesday’s To Do..

words to live by..

Words to live by…

Tuesday's To do..

  • Exercise
  • school the monkey's
  • Finish School Room.. (Waiting on the Man.. so it won't be done for awhile)
  • Paint Front Door and Trim
  • Move filing cabinets
  • Dinner= Tacos
  • Adult Girl Scout meeting
  • Work on finance report
  • work on eBay junk
  • write article
  • take check by Nancy's
  • Help # 1 with planing of Wed and babysitting thing
  • Work (SOME MORE) on confirmation class
  • Call Nazarene Church about Girl Scouts
  • Find time to SERIOUSLY Clean out the kitchen cabinets
  • Turn in receipts
  • RETAKES… of school pictures
  • write up books for a friend
  • clean the house
  • laundry

Barnes & Noble & Me

I'm working in Barnes and Noble this morning. I think I should re-state that.. I'm trying to work this morning in Barnes and Noble.. but I can't seem to focus. The Man's aunt passed away and her visitation is today in Kansas City. In order to save on gas, I rode up to work with him today and while he's working.. I'm hanging out at the mall. You feel bad for me don't you? 😉

I've got everything I need… a magazine on Youth of Today… a venti Passion Iced Tea, an old tea from Panera Bread and of course a lovely iced coffee with a shot of coconut.

Just in case you wanted a close up of my coconut iced coffee… ok really I'm doing this to mess with #1's brain. You see I'm living her dream. She would love to be here at a Barnes and Noble.. that had a Starbucks.

Have you ever wondered where what it would be like to "live" at a store? .. this is the section I think I would be making my home in…

Good thing Self Help is across from Crafts.. Because this is where I'd be really hanging out at.. I love crafts. They make me happy.

Here's a whole slew of books I should be reading instead of crafting books.

See these super cute tote bags? I want the green and purple one. If you buy 2 things in the store you get one of these for $12.50.. I'm too cheap to buy one…

Dear children.. I'm thinking of buying all of these books for you to work on before school starts this fall… love.. your mother.

I should buy this book (Knitting Flowers by Nicki Epstein) for #1.. It would be really nice of her to make that purse for her mother… (You know my birthday is coming up.)

#1 would probably like this book more than the "Knitting Flowers" book. Just in case you wondered.. she's slightly obsessed with royalty.

This is where I wanted to sit when I arrived at Barnes and Noble.. but unfortunately they do not have any outlets here.

So… I'm sitting here… now that I've gotten this out of my system.. maybe I can get to work.

Friday’s To Do’s..

We’ve got a bunch of new stuff… & it’s Ottawa City Wide Garage Sale Day.. Come down and see the Rummage Sale 501 South Poplar, Ottawa, KS

  • Work at the Rummage Sale
  • Dinner= chicken noodle casserole
  • find Youth Room curtains
  • Call eBay.. I’m not getting Messages, Offers or “problem” emails from them.
  • Make list of stuff I need for the youth room
  • Clean the house
  • Price and set out new stuff to sell in the rummage sale
  • put up signs and flags for the sale
  • Turn Receipts in.
  • Write up a few eBay things.. if I have time 🙂