Crazy Question of the Week.. or Does This Make Me Look Fat?


I woke up to this Question from a eBay member:

"I’m going to try and make this question as simple as possible. I am looking for a nurses unifrorm for my halloween costume(yes I believe in getting an early start because my costumes take a lot of effort. I am going to be a lunch lady this year. This costume is what I need. However I am not pregnant, I just need to look fat. I usually wear a 12 -14 dress. Could I fit into this Maternity smock ya think and would it make me look kind of fat like a lunch lady. With an apron on I think I would look pretty cool. Thanks for the help."

Her first comment "I’m going to try and make this question as simple as possible."  I’m thinking.. huh?!?!?.. this chick must know me…  I keep reading and think.. she’s a planner, and a perfectionist, I can respect this.  But the more I think about how to answer this question, the more confused I make myself.

                                                        The Maternity Nurse Uniform I am selling on eBay

For once in my life I am feeling like The Man trapped in the crazy questions I ask him.. like "Who’s the first woman you ever loved?" or "Do you like going shopping with me?" or "Do I look fat in this?"  These are no win questions.. set up by a woman who doesn’t really want the TRUE answer anyway. 

So I emailed her back and said: "I think you will achieve the look you are going for in this nurse uniform.  Thanks for looking at my auctions".  See I have learned some diplomacy from The Man in the 15 years we’ve been spending time together on this earth.

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