Listening: To my children make scrambled eggs for each other…

 Loving:  My new Tervis Poppy Cup I bought at Target.

 Thinking: About my my meeting tonight.. we are discussing having a Wednesday after school program at our church.  The Ottawa Kansas school district is having a 12:30 early release day EVERY Wednesday.  I homeschool, but I can not imagine the problems this early release will cause for parents.  Just imagine the unaccounted for time teenagers will have…

Wanting: Time at home with nothing to do and no place to go.  I would love a 4 day weekend with just the family 🙂

Needing:  To go out to dinner with just The Man.

Stalking:  Fit Bit and Body Bug stuff on eBay.  I owned a MyTrak pedometer, but it stopped syncing to my computer, and I guess the company no longer supports it.  Do you own a pedometer that you love? What kind is it?

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