A Glimpse of Black Friday 2014


In Black Friday's past I was pretty excited to go out and find some bargains.  This year because of the person that rear ended #2 it took the fun out of the day.  We had to borrow a car, because one car was in the shop, while the other car was well… smashed.   I've been worried about buying another car so close to Christmas..you know all that fun stuff.  Not to mention #2 has been having severe headaches, and short term memory loss.

black2014friday2It appears we have a Starbucks, Quick Trip problem. Good thing Grandpa's truck has lots of cup holders.


We have several stores we go to on Black Friday, no matter what the sale.  Target, Old Navy, Marshall's, Wal-mart.

black2014friday4#2 walked around Target with this mask on… and it was just this moment that #1 realized he was doing it.



Listening: To my children make scrambled eggs for each other…

 Loving:  My new Tervis Poppy Cup I bought at Target.

 Thinking: About my my meeting tonight.. we are discussing having a Wednesday after school program at our church.  The Ottawa Kansas school district is having a 12:30 early release day EVERY Wednesday.  I homeschool, but I can not imagine the problems this early release will cause for parents.  Just imagine the unaccounted for time teenagers will have…

Wanting: Time at home with nothing to do and no place to go.  I would love a 4 day weekend with just the family 🙂

Needing:  To go out to dinner with just The Man.

Stalking:  Fit Bit and Body Bug stuff on eBay.  I owned a MyTrak pedometer, but it stopped syncing to my computer, and I guess the company no longer supports it.  Do you own a pedometer that you love? What kind is it?

Morbid eBay Prediction…

Please don't hate me because I think this way.. It's just 14 years of living as an eBay seller that I think like this.

This morning while trying to decide if I was going to get up and exercise or stay in bed… I heard that Vittorio Missoni's plane is missing.  This news made me sit RIGHT up in bed. If you know who Missoni is, then you might be thinking.. "That girl doesn't know anything about fashion…"  Or if you really know me.. you might be interested to know that I really *did* get up and exercise instead of lay there. 🙂 Here's a link to an article about Vittorio Missoni

Back in 2011 Target and Missoni got together and offered some interesting looking housewares and clothing.  The stuff flew off the Target shelves and some went straight to eBay.  I wrote a couple of blogs about it HERE and HERE and HERE.  I'm wondering now if people held on to some of that… and if it might sell even higher than it did in 2011.  Pretty morbid.. I know.


Here's some high ending examples from the last couple of weeks. 

Missoni for Target Limited Edition Womens 3 Speed Cruiser Bike Unopened Sold Out SOLD $700.00 by eBay Seller lakersla8  Check it out HERE 



Rare Missoni for Target Mini Chevron Comforter Duvet Bedroom Set & Shams Sold $425.00 by eBay Seller czuklz1968  Check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target White Zig Zag Sweater Coat Jacket new Sz M Sold  $300.00 by eBay Seller la_stranger  Check it out HERE 

New Missoni for Target 2 piece Set Sweater Dress and Open cardigan Sz L Sold $299.99 by eBay Seller yanita69 Check it out HERE 

Missoni for Target Passione Floral 4×6 Area Rug SOLD 242.50 by eBay Seller sadietzu  Check it out HERE

We'll check back in a few weeks to see if Mr. Missoni plane disappearing has effected the sales of this stuff on eBay.

How’s That Missoni for Target Thing Going.. a week later

Last night while I sat up with my sweet baby that didn't want to sleep… I wondered how all the Missoni for Target stuff was selling on eBay.  My first blog is HERE

At the time I am writing this blog.. there are 26,536 “Missoni for Target” items on eBay.  (There were 90,000 ended items.)


 missoni, eBay, target, what to sell on eBay, SOLD OUT, MIssoni, designer

The bikes seem to be still selling at over 1,000 (still)…

Missoni, suitcase, collectible missoni

the luggage is still selling in the $500 to $300 range. 


This sold for $305.00 the first time we looked at it!

Missoni for Target Espresso set of 5 cups and plates Stoneware SOLD (this time around for) $1025.00 by eBay Seller neenies_tchotchkes.  Check it out HERE  


Missoni for Target B&W Chevron Stoneware Dinner & Salad Plate Full Set SOLD $479.00 by eBay Seller jessicako  Check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target Sweater Coat S Black White ZigZag SOLD $405.00 by eBay Seller mctyndall20.  Check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target Dinnerware Set Dinner plates Salad plates cereal bowls lot SOLD 350.00 by eBay Seller misskittykat88 check it out HERE 


Missoni for Target Women’s Tunic Hoodie Med  SOLD $320.00 by eBay Seller dyoli  Check it out HERE 


This is my favorite item.. but was not meant for a chubby girl 🙂

Missoni for Target Jacket Trench Coat Large SOLD 300.00 by eBay Seller lovegreatdeals29  Check it out HERE 


NWT Missoni Target Multicolor Stripe Print Sweater Dress XL SOLD 272.75 by eBay Seller deals818  Check it out HERE 



One of the things that fascinates me is when a seller decides to bring a heart-warming story in to justify their high starting price.  Here are 2 of the better ones.


Missoni for Target Venetian Rain boots size 10 Pay for daughters College Tuition by eBay Seller okie_for_now ASKING PRICE $31,000  Check it out HERE  She's re-listed them with all of the comments from others HERE

Here's what the Seller says:

Thank you for checking out my auction!  I would like to turn these rainboots into a rainy day fund for my youngest child, who has just begun her freshman year of college.

I will be using the proceeds of this auction will pay my daughter's freshman year tuition to university.  This is a retail sale.  I am only stating what the profit from the sale will be used to do.  

Boots are new in NEW IN BOX, and will be shipped within 24 hours of my receiving payment.

I thank you for taking the time to look at my auction and share it with others!

Payment will be required at time of auction closing.  Buyer will be contacted privately. 

Here is the full CNN MONEY interview:

To the average American, a 400 point correction in the stock market looks like trouble in the market, but to the average millionaire stock market investor, that dip looks like a garage sale.  It’s all in your perspective.  I believe that I have ideas that outrun my counterparts, and this eBay listing is just such an idea: a business transaction with very little risk, but opportunity for big returns.

I’m studying from the materials of Peter Daniels and Bill Winston, and learning to dream big, to have a broader perspective about finances and risk, and to take action to make things happen.  Missoni mania looked like the perfect opportunity for a miracle.

Here are a few questions. Please let me know your thoughts.

Where and when did you get the boots and what gave you the idea to use them to get tuition money?

I purchased the rain boots from a local Target, which still had plenty of stock, towards the end of last week. 

Do you expect the boots to sell for $31,000?

Absolutely, all things are possible. This is a business transaction and a statement about what I believe is truly important.  Fashion week doesn’t generally have a great of an impact on my life, but the Target for Missoni boots will be a blessing when they sell.

What kind of feedback have you gotten so far?

The initial feedback was extremely negative and hateful, and included veiled threats, but for the most part the recent feedback has been positive and encouraging.  There are a lot of people who are looking for good news, and a reason to hope.  They’re cheering me on, and I’m grateful for the encouragement. Most people are looking for an opportunity to do good, I just created the circumstance for that opportunity to occur.

How many children do you have and had you saved for their college expenses?

We have two children, both adults.  Our oldest decided not to go to college yet, and works full time.  Our youngest took concurrent enrollment during her senior year and decided to pursue a degree.  We have lived frugally and have some savings, but like most Americans, it’s just not enough to cover college, retirement, and life at this point. 

What will you do if the boots don't sell?

The boots will definitely sell, there’s no question of that.  I’ve had offers for them, but I’m sticking with my listing and believe it is an opportunity for a miracle.


Here's another one..

Missoni Cami & Panty Set size XS Zig Zag Black and White starting price 1000.00 Buy it Now price 25,000 by eBay Seller afewxtrabucks

I am selling as many Missoni items I could buy at our local Texas Target..yeehaw…just kidding, we all don't own and ride horses.  Please look at my other items too.  I will list more when I can. I have three young daughters that keep me so busy – time is precious. 

Yes…I am trying to sell something for more…I Would love to knock out some of our acrued debt… Unfortunatley after spending our savings on adopting 2 daughters, my husband lost his job for a long time, then God graciously blessed me with a third daughter. 🙂 so….anything extra will help our financial situation –this is all true…I am not making things up… just know that you are helping us for a GOOD cause and not some random re-seller that rips off people.  I am just a mom trying to make ends meet.  Bless you and thanks for looking. 

Brand New With Tags….sold out… Missoni zig zag Cami and Panty set in size XS — the sizing on this in my opinion runs a bit small???.. The set is an adorable Babydoll set — and fits me and I never wear XS — I mostly wear size 5/6 Medium clothing (5'6"-130LBS).  Who knows… So….if you wear in my opinion sizes Small/Medium this would fit you perfectly…. From what I can tell the panties are also tagged in the same XS size but are close to a U.S. size 4/5.

Again…thank you and if you have to pay overpriced….do it for someone that needs it… 🙂

AND— I'll ship this secretly….and FREE… The very next working day with gracious thank you drawings from my kids!